Deborah Leiser-Moore


Deborah is a performance maker, director and actor. Before she completed her PhD at La Trobe University and MA (Performance) at Victoria University, she trained in Japan with Tadashi Suzuki, in the work of Ettiene Decroux, and Rasaboxes with Richard Schechner. Recent works are: unHOWsed (Theatre Works, Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theatre); and Medea: Kaddish For The Children (FCAC).

Her international shows include: Richard Schechner’s Imagining O in New York, Unknown Neighbors with Ranters Theatre in Korea, and My Body, My Country at the Queer Zagreb Festival.

Deborah’s films include Fitting and Thanks G-d.

Role / Occupation

Artistic Director / Awards and Competitions Officer

Company / Organisation

Tashmadada / Australian Teachers of Media