Beer Brew Companies are Switching to 100% Renewable Electricity

More and more businesses are committing to using renewable energy and reducing waste to become more environmentally sustainable, arguably largely because of pressure and demand by consumers and climate crisis concerns.

Greenpeace have reported that beer brewers Lion and Asahi (makers of XXX Gold, Tooheys, Peroni and more) have committed to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Lion and Asahi now join major beer Brewer Carlton & United who will be powered by 100% renewables from 2020.

This means that pretty much all of Australia’s most iconic beers including Great Northern, VB, Asahi, James Squire and many more will soon run entirely on renewables.

How did this happen?

  1. Over 11,000 people called for Australia’s biggest energy using companies to commit to 100% renewable energy.
  2. Then, hundreds of Greenpeace supporters received packs of stickers and coasters which were to be planted in pubs and bottle shops across the country.  The aim was to spark conversation about which beers were leading the way and which beers needed to do more when it came to switching to 100% renewable energy.
  3. Greenpeace let Lion and Asahi know the plan and they got in touch to talk with them.
  4. 24 hours later, Lion let Greenpeace know they were going to make the switch to 100% renewable energy.  Then Asahi felt the pressure and made the same commitment.
Campaign beer coasters and stickers were distributed by Greenpeace crew in pubs and bottle-shops across the country.

Lion and Asahi were already making good progress for the planet.  Lion is running their NSW operations on renewable energy and has committed the whole business to be carbon neutral by 2020.  Asahi has installed a giant solar system at their brewery in Huntington, Victoria.

These are some of Australia’s biggest electricity using companies, so it’s very positive to see them show this kind of leadership.

More than 210 companies globally have made 100% environmentally friendly commitments with household name brands in Australia including Mars, IKEA, Google, L’Oreal and the big four banks all committing to power their operations completely with renewable electricity.