#BuildaBetterFuture Brainstorm….Panel Discussion

In the lead up to today’s School Strike 4 Climate Interactive Livestream, Groundswell’s Jamie Durie hosts a panel discussion with students involved in the movement plus a couple of special guests.

Youth On Strike! A three-part documentary series Aussie students take us inside the first youth-led school climate strike – Junkee on YouTube


Bella Burgemeister – School Strike 4 Climate

Bella is 14 and from Bunbury WA. She is a young author, environmental presenter and climate activist. Her book Bella’s Challenge takes the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and turns them into kids-speak with simple challenges so kids can take action. She is Co-President of Millennium Kids which is a youth led environmental group working on sustainable projects. Bella is a SS4C organiser in WA, she will be sitting on the youth panel and mc’ing part of the today’s strike.

Tahli Mullins – School Strike 4 Climate

Tahli is 17 and from Canberra. She only joined the school strike movement in the lead up to the March 2019 strike and mc’ed the Canberra strike back then. She’s running the program of speakers and content for the today’s strike and mc’ing the second hour.

Doha Khan – Youth On Strike

Doha has graduated high school, the key organiser of the Adelaide strike last year.

She’s still very much involved in the Adelaide school strike 4 climate team and with organisers around Australia. She is currently a candidate for the Adelaide City Council elections and hopes to get into politics/leadership one day.

Marco Bellemo – Youth On Strike

Gaining notoriety from his appearance on Q&A last year where he called out politicians for their inaction during the climate emergency, Marco has long been active across a range of environmental groups including the AYCC, Stop Adani, Galilee blockade, Front Line Action on Coal, Forest Conservation Victoria, Extinction Rebellion and School Strike 4 Climate.

Marco was arguably the first student in Australia to campaign for his school to declare a climate emergency and was instrumental in making climate change and sustainability a key element of his school’s curriculum during his term as School Captain last year. Now graduated he works in the Young Citizens Jury at the Darebin City Council.


Zali Steggall OAM MP – Federal Member for Warringah (Independent candidate at 2019 election – preceded by Tony Abbott) Australian politician, lawyer and former Olympic athlete.  Australia’s most internationally successful alpine skier – an Olympic Bronze and Gold medal winner. In early Feb this year, she launched ‘Climate Act Now’, calling on all Australians to write to their local MPs asking them to support a Climate Change Bill. 

Damon Gameau – Actor, Director and the man behind the critically acclaimed, That Sugar Film and most recently, that 2040 Film.  Both amazing films that have made a big impact on society with 2040 offering many solutions for our future, basically a template for moving us hopefully out of the current Climate Crisis to a better place environmentally. A whole Regeneration Community and movement has come together from the 2040 Film and are now achieving and realising some of these solutions to tackle climate change.

#BUILDABETTERFUTURE BRAINSTORM Discussion Panel, hosted by Jamie Durie

Jamie chats with some of our leading environmental activists to discuss some of the key objectives of this year’s School Strike 4 Climate – and also how the logistics of the strike itself are changing due to COVID-19.   Today, we won’t be marching on the streets as in previous years, instead, it will be a 4-hour interactive Livestream.

The #BUILDABETTERFUTURE Livestream begins in a matter of hours; 4pm – 8pm this afternoon. The panel discussion is just over an hour and you can hear this fantastic line up of guests discuss the upcoming school strike; how you can get involved, what it’s all about & meet some of the people organising it. They discuss the transition from organising physical protest marches on the streets to a virtual livestream where thousands of rural and city strikers will take the next step in achieving climate justice.

Damon Gameau discusses how through the process of making the 2040 Film and learning about the amazing developments in sustainable industries and regenerative agriculture etc, that he has become optimistic about the future and about what is possible if we all rise now to demand deep, systemic change.

Zali gives our students on the panel a pep-talk on how to keep going and affect change in the status quo even though they are currently too young to vote, they are still powerful and their activism around climate change is having a huge impact. They can still sway their parents, uncles, aunties, cousins and grandparents to vote appropriately for their future – using climate justice as their compass.

As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease and we move out of lockdown, it is a key time to push for a ‘Just Recovery’; environmental policies and global solidarity, as our government shifts from rescue to recovery.

Special thanks to the team at Youth On Strike who helped arrange this discussion, if you haven’t seen the series, here are the links to this video series. EPISODE 1  EPISODE 2 EPISODE 3

Also make sure you watch the 2040 Film and support Zali Steggle’s Climate Change Bill,  by signing up at Climate Act Now’.  

Wednesday 20th May 8pm (AEST)

Also, tune in next Wednesday 20th May 8pm (AEST), Damon and Zali will be chatting live on Facebook on the 2040 Film page to explore how we can ensure government accountability during COVID-19; how we can recover from the pandemic and why it’s so important that Climate Change Act passes in federal parliament. RSVP using this link here.

See you at the Livestream!