COVID-19….Correction or Catastrophe

Today is Earth Day 2020 and we are living  through unprecedented times.  

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries.

COVID-19 has swept through our nations,  communities and our homes, touching each and every one of us and changing the way we live on so many levels that we would never have imagined. 

A Letter From The Pandemic to Humanity

What comes after COVID-19? This video from Global Wildlife Conservation is a message from the virus to humanity.  It is a chilling reality-check that our future is intimately connected with all other life on Earth.  We know where this virus came from, and we have the knowledge and ability to stop the next one. It’s time to make our voices heard. It’s time to say enough is enough. Now that our own vulnerability has been laid bare, it’s time to demand #ExtinctionEndsHere – for all life on earth.  

You can TAKE ACTION here



  • End actions that increase the risk of future pandemics
  • End the exploitation of wildlife and wild places
  • End actions that exacerbate the extinction and climate crises
  • End the illusion that we are separate from nature


  • Ignore the source of pandemics and count the days until the next
  • Condone the exploitation of wildlife and wild places
  • Rely on fossil fuels and outdated agricultural practices that exacerbate the climate and extinction crises
  • Continue under the illusion that our health is separate from the health of our planet