Covid Reboot….Energy

Everyone is pointing out how clean the air is now and  how much lower emissions are due to COVID19 – it’s a shame that it’s taken a deadly virus to achieve this. What we have now is a glimpse of what our world could actually look like if we fully embrace the sustainable solutions we already have available to us.

There are definitely some big-picture, positive effects and lessons that have come from COVID-19…. The outbreak of this pandemic has far-reaching implications for every aspect of economic activity and this Covid Reboot episode zooms in on an important one – alternative energy.

Jamie Durie discusses why investing in GREEN ENERGY could not only help protect our planet, but be part of the economic recovery. Along with “traditional” forms of renewable energy, Jamie discusses a new game changing technology, thermal solar energy. Proudly supported by Australian Organic Food Co. #covidreboot #thermalsolar #groundswell

We have an unprecedented historical opportunity to back our renewable energy industries and accelerate the energy transition.  We cannot afford to kick-start our derailed economies by investing in high carbon-polluting industries. This is not an option for sustainability.

Green energy could drive Covid-19 recovery. 

The International Renewable Energy Agency found that accelerating investment in renewable energy could generate huge economic benefits while helping to tackle the global climate emergency.

 It has urged governments to invest in renewable energy to kickstart economic growth and help meet climate targets.

We need to replace polluting coal and gas with 100% renewables and storage and supercharge our electricity grid. 

On an individual level, there are some things you can do to take the edge of those energy bills such as using LED lights in your home and using natural light where possible. 

With appliances like fridges, washing machines and entertainment systems making up 25% of your home energy use – looking at smart appliances going forward is a great idea. 

And when it comes to heating this winter, think about how you can better insulate your home before you crank up the thermostat! Every degree can add up to 10% on your next energy bill. 

Look at choosing energy providers who are actively doing something practical about climate change and helping local communities in the process. Providers like Australia’s first community-owned power company – Enova Energy.  

Enova has started localising Australia’s energy system through innovative projects like microgrids and solar gardens, where it’s leading communities to generate, distribute and share their own renewable power and in turn lower their costs. 

Kindly supported by Australian Organic Food Co