Double Trouble….COVID-19 and Climate Change

The Coronovirus pandemic is slowing down industry, grounding airlines, and people are working from home, so there’s less commuting on our roads and as a result emissions are falling.  The economic slowdown is reducing the amount of CO2 in the planet’s atmosphere.

Optimists may think that Coronovirus will save the world from Climate Change, but we can’t let ourselves think that way – these problems won’t fix themselves.  These are temporary gains and industry will bounce back with a vengeance as soon as they can.

Seriously deep, systemic change and restructuring of our societies is still what is required and perhaps the whole world suddenly being forced to stop for long enough, will enable that to sink in.  We will have time to reflect on our lives and how we’ve all been living in an unsustainable loop.

We  mustn’t take our eye off the ball when it comes to Climate Change and sustainability. As the whole world comes to terms with COVID-19, self-sustainability has never been more important. As our daily lives become disrupted, we can see the signs of people panick-buying, hording food and other essentials  irresponsibly and unnecessarily. 

In Australia, we are so lucky to be food sustainable and it’s simply not ok to be stockpiling food and other supplies.  Communities need to support each other and be mindful of each other’s needs, especially of the elderly, disabled and less fortunate members of the community. Panick-buying and hording will lead to mountains of wastage and will increase our carbon footprint.  

With more people staying at home and working/studying remotely, energy use is likely to spike in the short-term causing our systems to be overwhelmed. It will be imperative that we all use energy sparingly to ensure there’s enough for all.  

As we come to grips with the ‘new normal’ we must each act responsibly and do our very best to continue to be more sustainable in every aspect of our lives. Remember to switch off appliances you are not using, continue to only buy what you need, if you’ve already overbought, consider donating to a foodbank to help those less fortunate. Stay at home, work remotely, walk to the shops to get your exercise, and continue to dispose of waste in the correct way. Together we can make a difference.

We can use this time to reflect and find how we need to reshuffle and reset. This could be the trigger-point for pivoting us all out of complacency and bring about the inner and outer transformation needed to move quickly and courageously towards a more sustainable future. We are all in this together and we can support each other through this challenging time. We will sift through everything and realise what is truly essential and non-essential for a quality life on a healthy planet where everyone thrives.