Energy Efficient Tips from the Climate Council….with Jamie Durie

This winter is going to be quite different from any other. Now that all of us are spending a lot more time at home due to coronavirus, our energy usage is going to be sky high as we crank up the heating this winter season.  This will also mean that our energy bills are likely to be going through the roof, as will our greenhouse gas emissions. As most of us usually get a shock when we get our electricity bills at the end of the cooler months anyway…we thought it best to be on the front foot to deal with our ‘new normal’ way of life and be a bit more prepared than we may have been in the past.

No need to panic though, as due to current unusual circumstances, special measures have been put in place by the energy industry across the country.  Apparently, no one will have their electricity accounts cut off this winter, no matter what their financial situation or capacity to pay bills.

Home Energy Efficiency Tips With Jamie Durie \\ Climate Council

However, as Groundswell’s Jamie Durie explains, there are a few simple things we can all do around our homes to make sure we’re using our energy as efficiently as possible.  This will not only save us money on our power bills, but it will also lower our greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a win for our hip pocket and a win for the earth!

It’s important to remember that, electricity generation is the biggest contributor to climate change in Australia, because the majority of our electricity is made by burning fossil fuels like coal and gas.  These emissions are driving climate change.

If your keen to do more against climate change but not sure where to start? Here are Climate Council’s top 5 climate actions you can take from your bedroom! 

One very simple thing we can all do while working from home is layer up and get the woollen jumpers out, wear singlets and vests. Layering your clothes keeps body warm and make sure you wear natural fibres rather than synthetic fabrics.  Wear a beanie to stop heat escaping from your body and warm socks and Ugg boots to keep your tootsies warm.  Hot water bottles are great too! Of course, if you need to turn on the heating you should do so – this is not about depriving ourselves of comfort. Rather, it’s about being comfortable in the most energy efficient way possible.