Enova….Energy Done Differently

ENOVA – How it all Started.

Enova are Australia’s first community – owned power company – and a social  enterprise that is about communities, customers and the welfare of the planet.

Launched in 2016 in Byron Bay in NSW, Enova today is a thriving, fast-growing company selling electricity to households and businesses throughout NSW with plans to soon expand into South-East Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Enova believes that Australia’s current energy system is outdated and is turning traditional energy retail on its head by creating a new business model.  One in which they want to help communities become energy independent using their own renewable energy supplies.

By advocating to be a decentralised alternative supplier of energy in the future, Enova no longer want solely large scale generation, but instead, electricity is generated, stored and shared amongst communities.

Instead of energy flowing one way into the household – with money flowing back the other way to large scale generators and retailers, Enova are working toward a future where the consumer is also the producer – sharing in both producing the power and benefitting from it.  The money stays and circulates locally, making for stronger communities and stronger regions.  

Enova has started localising Australia’s energy system through innovative projects like microgrids and solar gardens, where it’s leading communities to generate, distribute and share their own  renewable power and in turn lower their costs.

Enova Energy sells electricity, yet it’s also a social enterprise, with a not-for-profit arm: Enova Community – a registered charity.  50% of Enova’s profits (after tax and reinvestment) will go back into community renewable energy projects, education and energy efficiency services.

For more information on joining a new power generation go here.