Fibres With Benefits – Native launches The Plant Shoe

Native have produced Vegan shoes in the past and have always been dedicated to innovation. They were made of synthetic materials that were free from phthalate and BPA and didn’t contain formaldehyde, and recycled materials were used for packaging. They also claimed that their efficient manufacturing processes produced very little waste and the shoes were 100% vegan.

With their new unisex Plant Shoe, they’ve moved ahead in leaps and bounds with a 100% sustainable, bio-degradable, plant-based shoe – which is stylish to boot (pardon the pun).

The plant matter that make up the material for the shoes are –

PINEAPPLE from the Philippines – waste pineapple husks that are usually discarded are transformed into a sustainable textile which is used in place of suede on the shoe upper.

LINEN – from Flax, a reed-like plant with long, strong fibres that are spun into yarn is popular all around the world. The Plant Shoe’s organic linen sock liner creates soft, comfortable inner that breathes.

KENAF – from Africa is a long staple fibre that needs nom chemical intervention in its processing. It provides the strong, durable footbed, in addition to linen for softness and comfortability.

EUCALYPTUS – pulp is baled and compressed using a closed loop technique and formed into the board base from which to construct the upper of the shoe.

LACTAE HEVEA – is derived from the milk of the hevea tree and is processed into natural latex outsoles without any petro-chemicals or additives. Made by trained artisanal craftspeople, it can take up to two weeks to create a single pair.

COTTON – is used for the soft laces, and robust canvas upper. The cotton is organic, responsibly-picked and earth-friendly.

Apart from the launch of this innovative limited-edition shoe they’ve also launched The Remix Project – announcing plans to focus on a circular economy and have made a promise that by 2023 each and every pair of Native Shoes will be 100% lifecycle managed. The composition of Native Shoes will be reground into versatile material that can be used to create seating, playground flooring, insulation and more. The short-term goal is to have recycled 30,000 shoes by 31st December, 2019 providing the matting for new playgrounds in local communities.

The Plant Shoe has similarities to Reebok’s Cotton + Corn shoe which is also biodegradable, vegan and unisex.