For Every Bin…..a Compost-A-Pak Lining

COMPOST-A-PAK is an Australian owned family business started by husband and wife team Peter and Mel. The company was founded by Peter over a decade ago, after spending several years away from Australia, he returned with a renewed appreciation for our beautiful country and a passion to ensure that Australians have access to great products, which make it easier for them to live more sustainably so our unique country is protected for future generations.

After years of research and product prototypes and sleepless nights, the Compost-A-Pak brand was launched and has grown into one of Australia’s leading suppliers of compostable products.

The main organic ingredient used in Compost-A-Pak products is corn.  As corn is an annually renewable crop it was a no-brainer. Unlike trees, corn can re-grown and be harvested in a single season.  The actual crops are deliberately sourced from international GMO-free regions with high levels of rain, to minimise any irrigation. In addition, the actual corn kernels selected are classified as third grade corn.  A waste product normally left by farmers to rot, this spoilt corn is not suitable for human or animal consumption,

Using purpose built biodegradable resin extruders, a BF Series Resin is extracted from the combination of corn starch, biodegradable ingredients, and some propriety elements. From this resin, blown film bags are then formed in a range of styles, sizes and thicknesses.  The bags are specifically designed for customer convenience, and to strict minimum standards of thickness for durability. The blown film bags are then printed with soy-based, non-toxic printing inks, and packaged in a wide variety of options.

Through re-engineering of their purpose-built equipment, Compost-A-Pak liners are made with significantly less electricity consumption, compared to manufacturing on conventional extrusion equipment – something the company is particularly proud of.

Compost-A-Pak® products are certified Compostable by the major global certifying bodies across Europe, North America and Australasia.

They have even passed the Eco-Toxicity and the Worm Test, which is unique to the Australian Standard, the most stringent of all worldwide compostability standards. All products are certified to the Australian Commercial Composting Standard (AS4736- ABAP10019), and the Blown Film Bin Liners, Singlet Bags and Dog Waste Bags are also certified to the Australian Home Composting Standard (AS5810-ABAP20001). As such users can be confident the products are safe, and can be used for organic farming, food contact, worm farms and in animal feed.

In fact, according to worldwide standards, compostable products should biodegrade at least 90% within 90 days in a commercial composting facility. Compost-A-Pak® products were shown to biodegrade 99% in half the time!

The key point for Peter and Mel is that, they have done all the work to ensure it’s really easy for users to live more sustainably using their products.

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