Groundswell’s Jamie Durie chats to founder of fashion label KITX

Groundswell’s Jamie Durie caught up with Willow at her flagship store in Paddington to discuss the KITX brand’s ethos and so much more.

If you drive past the KITX store in Oxford Street, Paddington after sunset, you’ll notice it’s probably the only fashion shop on the high street that is not lit up.  They don’t want to waste precious energy.  The brand’s name is an acronym for Kindness, Integrity and Transparency, with X denoting the future.

The label’s founder, Kit Willow launched KITX in 2015 as an ethical and sustainable designer brand and has been one of the pioneers in the Australian fashion industry in sourcing consciously, without compromising on the desirability of her product.  Promoting sustainability credentials is now becoming more common in the fashion industry, however KITX is one of the few international designer brands who actually walk the talk across the entire production chain – from sourcing sustainable materials to ensuring all its workers are treated ethically.

Last year, Willow was one of the many designers from the 53 countries of the Commonwealth invited to Buckingham Palace by the Duchess of Cambridge to take part in the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, a project that paired them with artisans from around the world to create garments sustainably.

Willow has also caught the attention of acclaimed Australian scientist, author and conservationist, Dr. Tim Flannery.  Last year he hosted a Climate Council research trip to Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef alongside Willow and others to discuss the impact of fossil fuels and carbon emissions on coral life.