Introduction to Jamie Durie’s Groundswell

Hello, I’m Jamie Durie. And welcome to Jamie Durie’s Groundswell.

People would most associate me with the gardening world; I studied as a horticulturist for several years, then went on to landscape design and have done a number of television shows in the garden arena.

I’ve been able to touch a lot of hearts and minds over the years with my television shows, but what I really want to do with this project is take it one step further: Create a platform that enables lots of really important projects – run by ordinary people – to get more awareness and support, and to eventually gain power and to make a difference towards the future health of our planet.

Groundswell is a movement. It’s a TV series; it’s a platform; it’s online. It’s an amplifier for people doing incredible things all over the world to help forward our planet in a sustainable and meaningful way.

As part of this project, I will be connecting with some of the most influential people in the environmental sector, and learning about how and why they are making a real difference. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. How can the embryo of their ideas lead to a more sustainable future for our planet?

This really is about a worldwide movement. It’s about finding the best ideas, no matter how big or small, and giving them a platform. It’s about making sustainability the first thought, not the afterthought.

There has never been a more important time to get on board. This is about a Groundswell and I invite you to join us.