Newcastle…Forward Thinking to a Renewable Future

Newcastle is an Australian regional coal town with an industrial past but is now looking to a renewable powered future.

The local community are pushing for clean energy solutions and Newcastle city’s council are taking heed and backing them by becoming a founding member of the Climate Council’s  Cities Power Partnership.

While working towards a 100 per cent renewable target, the City of Newcastle is initiating exciting climate action projects: including switching to sustainable public transport and introducing electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout the city. With Summerhill solar plant producing enough power for 1300 homes, the city is well and truly on its way toward meeting targets.

Meet Newcastle, the world’s busiest coal port that’s reinventing itself as a renewable energy powerhouse.

From the local bowling club members rallying to sponsor solar panels for the club’s roof, to Newcastle City Council crowned one of the first local governments in the entire country to be powered by 100% renewable energy, this community shows that there is life beyond coal – bravo Newcastle!

Australian Local Governments are Driving Climate Solutions Across
Leading the charge on Climate Change

The  Cities Power Partnership is a coalition committed to a sustainable, non-polluting energy future and is made up of mayors, councillors and communities.

While the federal government has been slow on the uptake, it’s clear that towns, communities and businesses all over Australia are stepping up to deliver decisive climate action themselves. 

The Cities Power Partnership is driving local governments and communities all across Australia to transition to net zero emissions and leading Australia towards a sustainable future.

It can be done, and Newcastle, home to Australia’s biggest coal port, is showing us the way. You can encourage your council to join here