Nike’s ‘Move to Zero’…. zero carbon, zero waste

In the face of today’s challenges—from climate change to inequality to how we unleash the potential of the next generation—I believe we need our boldest dreams yet.

Mark Parker
Executive Chairman of Nike
Nike’s Space Hippie….Trash Transformed

Nike is on a journey toward zero carbon and zero waste with their  ‘Move to Zero’ mission to help ensure a healthy planet.  They’ve partnered with expert researchers at the Climate Impact  Lab to show the connection between a stable climate and athletic performance and the future of our playing  field: planet Earth.

According to Nike as climate change shifts global temperatures, hot days make it tougher for athletes to play outdoors and fewer cooler nights slow recovery.  Rising temperatures put additional strain on the human body, and data shows that it also has economic costs to people and communities.  

Across the full spectrum of sport, endurance athletes have the most difficult time maximising their performance when it’s hot outside – putting their bodies at risk of injury, illness or strain.

When I’m out running I feel like I’m an environmental barometer for climate change.


The sport of Tennis is already adapting to become more resilient to heat, adding policies to help athletes cope with extreme temperatures.

Winter sports are threatened as snow quality is dependent on temperature. When temperatures rise above freezing, poor snow quality slows down competitors and increases the odds of injury. At the world’s top snowboarding destinations, projections show that climate change could mean we lose weeks to months of snow-friendly days without climate action.

Every outdoor sport will be impacted by Climate Change as temperatures rise. Climate action today could give tomorrow’s athletes a better future. Of course, there are many other aspects of life on this planet that will be impacted upon and looking at the sporting world is one aspect and of particular importance from Nike’s perspective.  It is heartening to see that companies like Nike do have goals toward sustainability as part of their ethos.

Nike’s Space Hippie….Trash Transformed

Nike is prototyping the Space Hippie, an exploratory footwear collection inspired by life on Mars – where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission.  Created from scraps or “space junk”, Space Hippie is the result of sustainable practices meeting radical design.

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