Nudie Jeans…..100% Organic cotton, free repairs for life + more.

Nudie Jeans Co is a Swedish company that not only makes killer denim jeans, they have also been world leaders in attempting to set the standard for sustainably conscious fashion worldwide through their use of organic materials and supply chain transparency.

100% Organic Cotton

Back in 2006, Nudie Jeans Co after discussions with their material suppliers and laundry operators about sustainable development in the industry, they established a bold and magnificent challenge – the target was to transition the company into 100% organic cotton use.  Six years later in 2012, they achieved their objective!  Their denim collections are now entirely made of organic cotton, and all buttons, pocket linings and rivets are composed of organic, raw materials. Impressive.

From the very beginning of Nudie Jeans Co, they’ve had a philosophy of fair working conditions for their employees and also to produce the most sustainable product they could.  Their website issues a simple summary of the values behind their transparent supply chain and sustainable products; “We do not envisage a trade-off between profit and people, or between manufacture and environmental responsibility. These issues are major factors in our choice of suppliers.”

The company also has a philosophy around the life of their jeans.  Firstly, they recommend not washing them for the first six months of their life.  Then, as your jeans wear-out, they offer free repairs for life, not matter when or where you got them.  They believe like scars on our skin, the mark of repairs on your jeans are like the badges of honour of a life lived well. The details that give personality and character.  The repairs are to be celebrated like a feature akin to the traditional Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi – the acceptance of transience and imperfection and there is beauty in the imperfect, impermanent, aging, weathered and incomplete.  There are Nudie Jeans Repair shops around the world.  You can also order a free of charge Repair Kit online and learn to repair your jeans yourself.

Re-use: pre-loved denim

A while back Nudie Jeans Co introduced a new line called Nudie Jeans Re-use running parallel to their main products.  It is essentially previously worn and loved Nudie jeans that are cleaned, repaired and given a new life.  Handing in your worn jeans gets you a 20% discount off a new pair.  We all love the authentic, worn look of a pair of jeans that have been broken-in over time. When you throw a piece of clothing away it’s not only the actual garment that you discard, a significant amount of water and energy that it took to make the garment is lost as well.  When a pair of jeans gets into the Re-use loop it’s both the person handing in the jeans and the one who buys them who help economise on natural resources. Reusing instead of producing ‘new’ means substantial savings for the environment.  Nudie Jeans Re-use has been available world-wide since 2018.