The Guppy Friend …..a micro-plastic fibre-catching wash bag.

The Guppy Friend Washing Bag is a scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution.  It reduces fibre shedding and protects your clothes in the wash.  It also filters the few fibres that do break and doesn’t lose any fibres itself.  The Guppy Friend is the first device designed and marketed specifically to prevent microfiber pollution.

The invention of two friends, Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spies, surfing buddies and co-owners of Langbrett, a German retail brand with four stores that sell outdoor apparel and surfing gear.  They both became concerned by news reports that connected many of the products they sold to emerging environmental threats – primarily microfiber pollution.  They knew they had to do something about it.  A beer-fuelled brain-storm session apparently, eventually led to Guppy Friend, a mesh laundry bag, that you put your clothing in and then goes into the washing machine.  The bag captures shedding fibres as clothes are tumbled and spun, stopping the fibres from escaping.

Langbrett, in partnership with outdoor clothing company Patagonia, started shipping the Guppy Friend to backers of their Kickstarter campaign.  Patagonia then began selling the bag to their customers.

Why We Need a Guppyfriend?

The problem is that microfibers released from washing our synthetic textiles harm the environment.  With each wash, countless tiny plastic fibres are making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans.  Neither washing machines or wastewater treatment plants are able to filter the tiny plastic particles from our synthetic fabric clothing.  Once in the environment, the microfibers degrade into ever smaller pieces and are irreversible.  They concentrate pervasive bacteria and pollutants.  For example, a city with 100,000 citizens releases a wash-related volume of microfibers equivalent to approximately 15,000 plastic bags every single day.  Microplastic particles are found in countless species, including plankton, a foundation food source of the marine ecosystem. The microplastic particles are consumed by aquatic organisms and ultimately work their way up the food chain.  Microplastic is proven to be in our daily food; from honey, water, salt, beer and it is found in our bodies.

You can buy Guppy Friend wash bags from here.