Transforming Recycling in Victoria….a new container deposit scheme and more…

Earlier this week, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Environment Lily D’Ambrosio announced the first in a suite of new policies under the Recycling Victoria package, designed to position Victoria as a leader in reusing, reducing and recycling waste.

We know Victorians want to be able to do more to recycle household waste – this new system will make it easier for all of us to do our bit.

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio

Premier Andrews took to Facebook to release the details saying, “Recycling’s been someone else’s problem for far too long.We chuck it in a bin, load it on a ship, and send it overseas.
We forget all about it – and that’s just not good enough.
That’s why today we’re announcing almost $100 million to expand and enhance our state’s recycling infrastructure. We’ll build new recycling processing plants. We’ll help Victorian businesses develop new products from locally recycled materials. And we’ll create almost 4000 new Victorian jobs in the process. Because it’s time Victoria’s recycling became Victoria’s responsibility.”

A container deposit scheme for Victoria was also announced to begin in 2023. Premier Andrews said that an overhaul of kerbside recycling was needed as a big part of the problem is that broken glass mixes with plastic and paper and contaminates the other materials. So, a new bin especially for glass will be brought in. It will mean that every home in Victoria gets the same set of bins – and it’s all part of the plan to reduce waste from landfill as well as creating new Victorian jobs.

The kerbside recycling will be rolled out as four colour-coded bins so that homes across the state do better in sorting their waste, recyclables and organics:

  • glass recycling – purple lid
  • food and garden organics – green lid
  • plastic, metal and paper recycling – yellow lid
  • household waste – red lid

By collecting the glass separately, it is more effectively recycled.  Jars and bottles can be transformed multiple times into multiple different products, including new roads and footpaths.

The rollout of the new bins is due to start next year and will happen gradually and will be informed by the needs of local communities and existing council contracts. There will also be special arrangements for remote regional households and people in apartments, to ensure everyone gets access to the new four-bin system.

This represents a holistic approach to reducing, reusing and recycling our state’s waste. That’s good news for Victoria’s environment and good news for Victorian jobs.

Premier Daniel Andrews
Good news for Victoria’s environment and good news for Victorian jobs

A new dedicated authority will be established to better govern recycling systems and waste service providers to account.  An education and behaviour change campaign will support the rollout of the initiatives that will target householders, businesses and councils, community groups and charities – this will help the transition to the new system.