“Groundswell is a platform that celebrates and supports all environmentally beneficial and sustainable projects globally”

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Much-loved Australian television personality and environmentalist Jamie Durie is on a mission to inspire people around the world to make their homes and their lives more sustainable, in turn safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Jamie Durie’s Groundswell is a revolutionary content project that will change the way people connect with global environmental issues.

Covid Reboot….Energy

Everyone is pointing out how clean the air is now and  how much lower emissions are due to COVID19 – it’s a shame that it’s taken a deadly virus to achieve…

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Jamie Durie is an award-winning international designer, author and TV presenter with over two decades of design experience. Since launching his own design business, Durie Design, in 1998, Jamie has received more than 33 international design awards, while building a strong reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative designers in the industry.
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Join the global groundswell of change to safeguard our future.

ATOMVic is the Victorian chapter of the national organisation Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM). ATOMVic is an independent, non-profit, professional association promoting the study of screen literacy.

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WTFN is one of Australia’s most successful independent television production companies and has created household names such as ‘Bondi Vet’, ‘Paramedics’ and the four-time Logie-winning series ‘The Living Room’.

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